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Built-in guide

In our new version you can find a full built-in guide for runes and mobs and a full description of walkthrough Cairos and Raids. Also we have a section for beginners where you can find some prompts and advices from experienced players.


Our system file is already built into the emulator and doesn’t need permanent updating. As far as a new version of the game would be updated by the developer, our emulator would be updated automatically.


We don't take money

Our platform is absolutely free for users. We don’t take money for using the emulator, so you can enjoy playing the game on your PC. Note: if you want to buy anything in the game you should use only mobile application

Support our service

We created our project absolutely for free for our clients, but it’s development need investing and we would appreciate our financial help. So if you would like to support us just contact our administrator 


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